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The Fall Seattle Developmental Biology Meeting is held at the beginning of the quarter at the Waterfront Activities Center, which is located next to Lake Washington on the UW campus.  Four short talks are presented by faculty, postdoctoral fellows or graduate students, and there is a poster session.  The format is informal.  The meeting is widely advertised to the incoming graduate students and undergraduate researchers so they can learn about the research and activities of the Seattle Developmental Biology Group.

The Winter Seattle Developmental Biology Meeting is held in December.  An outside speaker is selected to give the opening one-hour keynote address.  This is followed by a poster session, in which trainees and other students are encouraged to present their work, and by four shorter talks by local presenters.  Preference for the talks is given to advanced graduate students or postdoctoral fellows who have very recent exciting discoveries.

For information about the Fall and Winter meetings, including past and planned meetings, see meeting programs. 

The Northwest Developmental Biology Conference is an annual regional meeting sponsored by the Society for Developmental Biology.  This two day long meeting is held at the University of Washington Friday Harbor Marine Biological Laboratories which are located in the San Juan Islands.  In this beautiful setting, over 150 developmental biologists from the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. and Western Canada get together to discuss their latest results.  Oral presentations and poster sessions feature the work of faculty, postdocs and students.  National and international speakers are invited for a symposium, and a Keynote Speaker presents the Arthur Whiteley Lecture.

The Spring Developmental Biology Training Grant (DBTG) Retreat is a day long meeting focused on the DBTG trainees and attended by the trainees, their mentors, other students and faculty.  It is held at the end of April at the Waterfront Activities Center.  The DBTG Retreat Committee organizes the program, and all of the trainees present their work in oral presentations.  The meeting coincides with the activities of the DBTG Selection Committee so students being considered as potential trainees are introduced to student and faculty members and are asked to give a short presentation.

In addition to these quarterly meetings, each of the participating UW Departments and the FHCRC organizes a weekly seminar series.  Quite often, the invited speaker is a developmental biologist from another institution.

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